Troubleshooting Windows Update Problems using Fix It 50202

Microsoft has released Fix It 50202 addressing Windows Update problems. This Fix It does a good job and should be the first thing if you have a computer where several Windows Updates are failing.
The usage is quite simple. Just run the Fix It and choose the “Agressive” mode. Agressive mode removes all Windows Update settings but therefore the result will be better.
After the Fix It has finished you must reboot the computer as soon as possible, especially if you have configured a GPO to connect your clients to a WSUS server.

After reboot open a Command Prompt and type:

wuauclt /detectnow

After some time the previously failed updates will be downloaded and hopefully installed without errors.


One thought on “Troubleshooting Windows Update Problems using Fix It 50202

  1. Thank you for your Post, have personally had endless trouble with the Microsoft updating system failing on Windows 7 Home Premium OEM, and there was no way out (except for having to reinstall the entire operating system again, but that always was only a temporary “cure”) until Fix It 50202 was somehow discovered; had to use Fix It 50202 again only recently and it still works!!!

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